ESTIO 2013
Estonian Indoor Open Petanque Tournament

Date: March 09-10, 2013

Arena: Kalev Petanque Hall, Uus-Sadama 19-9, Tallinn
GPS - 59°26"28.58" N 24°46"6.26" E

Form: Triplets

Registration: Last day for registration is on 1 March, 2012, priit.koppel [ät]

Entry fee per team: 50 EUR, shall be payed at the latest 5 of March (includes 3 x 2 soups).
IBAN EE482200221039384097,
Swedbank - Liivalaia 8 Street;,
Petankiklubi Kalev MTÜ

Prize fund: 60% from registration fee

Maximum number of participant teams is limited to 32 due to the four playing courts in the indoor hall.

The possible number of teams that can compete at the same time is 16 (4 x 4). In the first day the playing will be in turns 16 teams at the same time at 10:00 and other teams at 11:30 and so on. Next teams will start 14:00. In the free time participants can wait for their turn in the hotel "City Hotel Portus" nearby. There will be a big screen to see in real-time how the competitions are developing and also spectators will be provided with updated information. It is also possible to buy some hot and cold beverages while you are waiting. Every participant will get hot soup for lunch provided by organizers.


08.03 Friday
The hall is open for everyone to see the courts and try the surface if desired from 17.00 to 22.00

09.03 Saturday
Registration is ongoing from 9:00 to 9:45. Competition starts at 10:00. Registered teams will be divided into four groups. The rule of draw that will be considered, same country teams or same club teams will be put in separate group if possible. The game limit time is 1,5 hours. A team will play through with all the other teams in the group, so at least three games will be played.
Next groups will start at 14:00. Sixteen teams will continue on Sunday - 2 best teams from every group. The end time of the first day of the competition will be around 19:00.

10.03 Sunday
The second day of the competition will continue for teams that were in the first two places in eight groups. The game plan for second day is cup system with all the places played out from 1-8. First group will start at 9:00 and second group at 10:30. The courts for competitions are in normal size according to official rules of the game pétanque.

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